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What happens if a project doesn't meet or exceeds its fundraising goal?
 Project teams will receive all funds donated toward their project. If the project goal is not met within the scheduled timeframe, contributions can still be made to the project through the CSUN Foundation. Teams will be expected to partially implement their proposed project mission, per availability of donated funds, and communicate with donors the final level achieved. Funds raised in excess of the project goal will be made available for use by the project team and area fund manager toward additional expenses that align with the project's objective, goals and mission.

How can I support projects in addition to donating?
In addition to making a gift, you can expand your impact by sharing a project with your friends and family. Whether through email, Facebook, or the occasional Tweet, helping to promote projects to a larger audience makes a big difference!

Are gifts tax deductible?
Of course! All gifts made through CSUN Funder are tax deductible. A tax receipt will be automatically emailed to you upon submission of your gift.

All funds will be deposited with the CSUN Foundation in support of CSUN Funder projects. The California State University, Northridge Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) public benefit California corporation that serves as an auxiliary organization to California State University, Northridge. Federal Tax ID 95-6196006

Can I use a third-party website like GoFundMe or Indiegogo instead of CSUN Funder?
CSUN strongly advises against the use of third-party fundraising sites like GoFundMe. Projects created on third party fundraising sites are not allowed to use the CSUN Foundation's tax ID, and therefore donations received to these sites will not be formally acknowledged on behalf of CSUN.

CSUN Funder is the signature university-sponsored crowdfunding platform, and it is specifically designed to provide a streamlined process for fundraising for university projects. For additional information, email

Can I donate to a project by phone or mail?
Absolutely! Call CSUN Donor and Member Services at (818) 677-7330 to donate by phone. Checks in support of CSUN Funder projects should be made payable to the "CSUN Foundation" and include CSUN Funder [Project Name] in the memo line.

Mail to: 
CSUN Foundation
 18111 Nordhoff St.
 Northridge, CA 91330-8296

Will offline gifts be reflected on the CSUN Funder project page?
Yes, though it may take several business days for an offline donation to be processed and added to the Donor Wall.

Is my gift eligible for a corporate match?
Please contact your employer’s human resource department to determine if they will match your gift and their process for matching gifts. For more information, visit our Matching Gifts web page or contact CSUN Donor and Member Services at (818) 677-7330.

How can I get in contact with CSUN Funder?
Please call or email us with questions and comments at:
Phone: (818) 677-2786


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