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Nepantla - Senior Thesis Project

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Nepantla Senior Thesis Information

Welcome to our film's fundraiser campaign. 

This page is dedicated to raising funds for our CSUN senior thesis film, Nepantla

Short Summary

Nepantla depicts the restrictions placed on U.S. immigrants who want to temporarily leave the country to visit sick family members. This experience is relevant now more than ever. The goal of our film is to raise awareness of the hardships of immigration and families separated by legal obstacles. Our team strives to make a change in our community using the medium of film.

What We Need & What You Get

Our goal is to raise $11,000 in contributions. This will aid our production from start to finish. 

100% of your donations will be used for the following:

  • Camera Department (camera & lighting equipment, etc.)

  • Art Department (wardrobe, hair & make-up, production design, props, etc.)

  • Casting (talent, background actors, studio teacher, etc.)

  • Location Funds (permits, transportation, insurance, etc.)

  • Catering (to feed our hard-working cast & crew!)

  • Post Production (editing, color correcting, etc.)

  • Covid Mitigation (Covid Compliance Officer, PPE, cleaning supplies, etc)

  • & more!

Contributions to Nepantla are 100% tax deductible. CSUN is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization.

The Impact

Based on true eventsNepantla is an opportunity to shed light on mixed status households, where some family members are citizens and others are not, a family dynamic not commonly depicted in film and television.

With your contribution at hand, we can expand on the story of Nepantla and leave audiences with a new perspective—that being the perspective of the immigrant community who make up over a third of LA county's population. Nepantla will give a humanistic view on the immigrant community who has long been dehumanized in the media and in this country's overall hegemonic history. 

Additionally, Nepantla will serve as an opportunity for the talented individuals involved in the project to put their areas of expertise to the test before leaving film school. Once completed, our film will be submitted to various festivals (domestic and international) to reach a wide audience to share the important message conveyed in this story. This film will serve as the voice of many mixed status families. It is an extremely relatable story, whether it relates to your immediate or extended family members or friends who are dealing with the obstacles of immigration, it tells their story and inspires change among our communities.

Risks & Challenges

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, we must abide by many more rules than in the past. In addition to production and post production cost, our team is seeking help to cover the new costs of COVID mitigation.

Due to the pandemic situation, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is going to be provided and present while on set at all times. There are also additional costs to our production including other sanitation supplies (sanitizer, wipes, gloves, etc), pre-packaged lunches, air purifiers, and separated tables and chairs for social distancing during lunch.

The health and safety during this pandemic is a number one priority while in the production of this film. It is extremely important to us and by contributing to funding these additional items, we will be able to provide and ensure safety among every single person on the set. To ensure this, strict rules and regulations will be applied while on set and PPE will be given out in ample amounts to avoid exposure. We will be following guidelines recommended by the CDC and SAG-AFTRA.

Other Ways You Can Help

Don't worry if you are not able to give a monetary contribution because we absolutely understand! 

Instead, you can show your support for the story of Nepantla by sharing this campaign and our social media sites with your family and friends!




Don’t forget to check out our merchandise website- get yourself, a friend, or a family member something to help contribute to our production!


Our store sells items such as shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, tote bags, cloth face masks, mugs and even baby onesies! They come in all different sizes and colors for all.

You can help us reach a wider audience and help this story get the attention it deserves!


International Donations:

If you are located outside of the domestic United States, you can still donate! In order to make a donation from an international location, you must change the billing address to your corresponding country when prompted at the donation page.


Please email

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For this tier, you will be given a social media shout-out on our films Instagram and/or Facebook page! You will personally be thanked over social media for all to see!


Special BTS Shoutout

From this tier, you will receive a special thank you in a "Behind The Scenes" slideshow sent to you personally! It will contain a thank you message from our cast and crew as well as a slideshow containing exclusive behind the scenes stills from our hard-working set days!


Social Media + BTS Bundle

This tier gets you the best of both worlds! You will receive a big shout out on our Instagram and/or Facebook page and you will receive a special thank you in a "Behind The Scenes" slideshow sent to you personally!


Screening of Rough Cut

This tier is extremely special and VIP! It will allow you and ONE friend to have an opportunity to see an exclusive screening of our rough cut! There will be scheduled times once it gets closer- it will be something you will NOT want to miss!


Thank you credit

This tier is a big thank you as a contributor. Your name will be put on the credits list where you will receive a huge thank you for your generous donation!


Special Thank You Credit

This level is a special thank you for your grand contribution! Your name will be listed in a separate section and will be adjacent to famous CSUN Alumni like Donald Petrie (director of "Miss Congeniality", "How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days", and "Just My Luck") and Jeff Okabayashi (Assistant Director of "Avengers: Endgame", "Pirates of the Caribbean", and "Spiderman: Far From Home"). YOU WON'T REGRET SEEING YOUR NAME ON THE BIG SCREEN LIKE THIS!

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