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Friends Who Benefit

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Friends Who Benefit

Hello! Welcome to the fundraising page for 

Friends Who Benefit

We appreciate your contributions and interest 

in our CSUN TV Thesis

Who We Are

We are a group of CSUN seniors with an emphasis on Television Production. The ten of us will be putting both the skills and knowledge that we’ve gained from the past 4 years into a final culmination of our work. Since this is the last project we will do at CSUN, the best of our talent will be showcased. 

About Our Story

Friends Who Benefit, written by Rayner Hallera, is a comedy that proves that even the most unlikely friendships can bring about the strongest sides in people. It tells the story of two individuals: Grayson, a literature student who’s never had any luck with women, and Justine, a middle aged sex worker who has repressed her talent in poetry due to life’s circumstances. Upon meeting, the two agree that they can help each other find more meaning in the parts of their lives that they had not known they had any real potential in, thus forming a pact. This is not your typical love story, considering it is not one at all. It’s a story about friendship and the search for inner confidence. 


Making a short is not cheap, especially for students. To make the best film possible, we require many assets and resources that will carry over the entirety of our production. With your help, we can achieve the goal of creating something that we can all be proud of. Your contribution will go towards:

  • Camera & Lighting: camera rentals, lights, grip equipment, etc.

  • Locations

  • Craft Services & Catering: food for the cast & crew for all days of shooting, catering for lunch breaks

  • Art & Production Design: Set pieces, props, costume, hair & make-up

  • COVID Safety & PPE: adequate PPE for all personnel on set, proper sanitizing and disinfecting equipment, masks, face shields, COVID testing and a COVID safety officer.  

  • Sound Design & Music: Sound equipment, a composer to give an original score to our short, etc.

*All donations and contributions are 100% Tax Deductible. CSU Northridge is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization*

How To Be COVID Safe

We plan to follow the industry safety guidelines released by SAG-AFTRA and the CDC as well as be providing all equipment and resources to assure the highest level of safety and comfort for our cast and crew. Safety for everyone on set is our highest priority, and we are very fortunate enough to make a project during these trying times. 

Thank You For All of Your Support

We know that during these times it is hard for some people to give financial contributions, but we are still very grateful for the any kind of support. By sharing this page, or following our social media accounts, you have contributed just as much as someone who is able to donate. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to one of our producers. The whole crew thanks you for your contributions and we look forward to sharing an amazing project with all of you!

  • Instagram Page: @friendswhobenefitfilm
  • Facebook: @friendswhobenefitfilm


Connor McCrossen (Producer):

Jenny Laguna (Line Producer):

Rayner Hallera (Director/Writer):

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