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2022 CSUN Alumni Association Scholarship Campaign

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Meet Sherrell King, CSUN Alumni Scholarship Recipient

CSUN Alumni Association Scholarships have uplifted the lives of hundreds of CSUN students. 

Sherrell King, a 2021 First-Generation Scholarship recipient, is an example of that and an example of the power of giving. 

We invite you to watch her inspiring story. And we ask you to lift other students with a donation during the CSUN Alumni Association's Matador Hearts for Matador Minds campaign. 

This year's effort is even more impactful as your donation, for the first time in this campaign's history, will be matched dollar for dollar by the CSUN Foundation. 

Your $50 means $100. $250 means $500 and $1,000 means $2,000. 

More about Sherrell 

Sherrell King has a motto: "No one left behind."

Sherrell is a 53-year-old woman, who is a mother and a grandmother. Her home is Louisiana, but her life experiences there led her down the wrong path. She decided, in her 40s, to pursue a degree that would help her make a difference in the lives of incarcerated and troubled youth. In the fall, she was awarded a CSUN Alumni Association First-Generation scholarship during a time when she contemplated whether or not she had the means to complete her degree. 

She is now expected to graduate this spring. 

Double your impact

Your support makes a difference, and now you can make an even bigger impact on students like Sherrell by donating to this campaign. This year, the CSUN Foundation will match your gift to the CSUN Alumni Association Scholarship Fund, doubling your support of Matador students*.

CSUN Alumni scholarships are transformational

We saw how a pandemic can so deeply impact those who are vulnerable and make the road toward graduation more challenging. This has become a call to action for us, one that we ask you to support.

Gifts to the CSUN Alumni Scholarship Fund support students with high financial need and an excellent academic record.  Annually, CSUN Alumni awards scholarships to deserving students, many in need.

How can you make a difference? 

The CSUN Alumni board is comprised of individuals like you who see CSUN's success as their own. We ask you to join us in this effort and make a donation. 

Every bit counts. Your heart can elevate minds.

*Match will apply to qualifying gifts.  

Choose a giving level



Small donations can make a big impact. An accrual of donations at this level can add up quickly and help us provide additional scholarships in the future.



CSUN has been helping students rise since 1958. Your gift of $50 helps propel the success of CSUN students and alumni.



CSUN's first graduating class was nearly 100 students. CSUN now graduates about 10,000 students annually. Donate $100 to alumni scholarships and help CSUN students on the path toward earning their degrees.



CSUN Alumni currently awards 15 scholarships annually. Support these awards with your gift of $150.



CSUN Alumni has presented more than 300 scholarships to our outstanding students. Your donation will help endow these scholarships so support is available to students in perpetuity.



Make an even larger impact. $1,000 will get us closer to our goal, but it will also truly make a difference for a student in need

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