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Future Dictator

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TV Production Thesis : Future Dictator

The story of “Future Dictator” “Future Dictator” is a web series that follows Richie Tater, a socially awkward college student who desires to get accepted into his local debate club. Kai – a time traveler – warns him not to join the club, considering how this path would lead Richie into becoming the man responsible for WWIII. While he evades the hands of political spies sent back in time to kill or manipulate him, Richie must also change the course of history – or really – just himself. This satirical comedy expresses the correlation between our insecurities and our compulsive desire for power – and how this connection is exemplified through many of our modern-day political leaders. Our main goal is to convey this serious message – in the wackiest and most ridiculous way possible. This pilot will be shot as a 20-minute single-camera episode. 

Director - Lucas Shim 
Producer - Brad Tryon 
Assistant Director - Julian Velasco 
Production Designer - Valeria Colmenares 
Set Decorator - Bryan Higashida 
Director of Photography - Albert Balderas 
Camera Operator - Marilyn Moreno 
Sound Recorder - Matthew Kalemba
Post Sound - Athena Shirvan
Editor - Alexis Cardenas

Who are we? And how can you help? “Future Dictator” is one of the many thesis productions that are being made at California State University, Northridge. Every semester, the Cinema and Television Arts Department (CTVA) assigns students to bring their creative ideas to life through a web series pilot episode for their CTVA 442 class. 

This semester, Spring 2022, our time has come… We – the crew of “Future Dictator” – are aspiring filmmakers who want to produce an epic story with the combination of each of our individual skill sets: directing, cinematography, sound recording/editing, production design, etc. But that won’t be enough – and this is where we need your help! We also understand that NOBODY would want to watch a sci-fi comedy without the “sci-fi” so we really want to achieve the best practical way to show futuristic elements in our story.

Here’s an exact rundown of how your donation can easily help us achieve our goal: Film Equipment: Camera lenses, lighting materials, sound equipment, etc. Permits for locations, transportation, and insurance Food and drinks for our cast and crew COVID-19 Protocols: Masks, disinfecting materials, testing kits, etc. 

Post-production materials: Editing softwares, hard drives, etc. Production Design: Prop weapons, “Star Wars”-type Costumes, neon lights, etc. Make-up, Hairstyling, and Jewelry Payments for our cast for their hard work! 

The cast and crew give a HUGE THANKS to you – whether it was for submitting a donation or even taking the time to look through our page!!! We hope you have a nice day! Filming is expected to begin in late March, and the TV pilot episode will be completed in May. Until then, we’ll get back to work. - Lucas Shim - Director

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