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About Us

Who are we?

The Matabots are a collective group of motivated individuals who come from a variety of educational backgrounds, all with a common interest in mind: a love for science and engineering. Our main purpose is to design, build, and program robots that will compete in the World VEX U Robotics competition. Along this journey, we also encourage others within our surrounding community to pursue similar goals by teaching the fundamentals of engineering and science. Through robotics, we hope to inspire young professionals to advance in science, math, and technology. Throughout the years our club has qualified to every world championship and has over 20 trophies from local qualifying competitions and world championships

What is the Vex Robotics Competition?

Every year, VEX designs and creates a new game for its competitors to build and complete. The VEXU general game objective is to build a fifteen by fifteen by fifteen-inch robot and a twenty-four by twenty-four by a twenty-four-inch robot to compete against another team in a twelve-foot by twelve-foot square field. There is a forty-five-second autonomous mode, where the robots have to complete a task on their own. After the autonomous mode, the driver control period takes place. This is where one person drives one robot to continue what the robot was doing in the autonomous mode. This driver mode lasts for seventy-five seconds, or one minute and fifteen seconds. As a college team. We are allowed to manufacture and 3D print parts.  

The Game for 2023

This season’s game is called “Spin up.” The objective of this game is to try to score more points than the opposing team by collecting disks and shooting into goals across the playing field

What are your donations going to?

-  Vex Robotics Supplies

Due to the nature of the competition we often need replacements for our supplies. Since we can only make our robots out of vex legal supplies it can sometimes get very expensive especially when dealing with the electronic components of the robot

- Team registration fees

Every year we are required to pay a fee to become a team, we also have to pay for registration at each qualifying competition and a registration fee for the world championship. Fees vary in the qualifying competitions but registration for the world championship costs $1200

- Competition Expenses 

Apart from registration fees we also have competition expenses. These expenses are usually from cost of travel to competition or cost of hosting a competition

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