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2023 Matador Motorsports Formula SAE

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Formula SAE 2023

Formula SAE is a collegiate design series created to prepare students for future employment as engineers. Here at CSUN, it is a capstone project for Mechanical Engineering majors. Every mechanical engineering student takes all the classes necessary to graduate that teaches the textbook theory on math, science, physics, thermodynamics etc. This is where the students can take all the knowledge they’ve gained over their college career and apply it to a hands-on, real-world product. In this case, the product is a single-seat open-wheel race car. The team acts as an engineering company designing, fabricating, testing, and competing a prototype vehicle. This in-depth and hands-on educational program develops the knowledge, creativity, and problem-solving abilities of engineering students by enabling them to draw upon their years of education to answer a complex, real-world design and manufacturing challenge. Matador Motorsports attracts the most hardworking, motivated, and results-oriented engineering students produced by CSUN.

This season’s competition will be held at Michigan International Speedway in May 2023, where we will be up against 120 other schools. Matador Motorsports has performed competitively throughout its history: 5th place overall in 2021, 7th in 2007 and 2017, and 6th in the 2018 Design Competition. This was due to our ultra-lightweight vehicle concept, where we weighed as little as 330 lbs. A full 50 lbs lighter than the next competitor! After achieving 5th place in 2021, we decided that the program has exhausted the development route of focusing on the Colin Chapman school of thought, where being lightweight is the highest priority. Obviously, being lighter is always best, but due to some of the rule changes and where the competition is moving, Matador Motorsports is moving to a more powerful, but heavier, 4-cylinder engine. While the new engine is heavier, it makes twice as much power, but crucially, it is not twice as heavy. Our foundation is strong, and we intend to improve our performance dramatically at the competition this year. We are aiming for a top-three position overall.


The resources necessary to design, manufacture, tune, and train to be competitive are immense. We have estimated that a total budget of $70,000 is required to create an internal combustion vehicle with the capability to place in the top 3. While the university graciously provides $10,000 to the team, that leaves Matador Motorsports with a substantial $60,000 to raise. This is why we are reaching out to you! We hope to partner with you in this endeavor, as your investment will contribute to maintaining an educational program of the highest quality. Additionally, this program is run through the CSUN Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, making any and all cash or in-kind sponsorships charitable donations.

With this in mind, we humbly ask your consideration of the sponsorship opportunities. If you would like to discuss a custom sponsorship arrangement, please do not hesitate to reach out as we would be excited to discuss any possibility.


Thank you sincerely for your time and consideration.

Choose a giving level


Nuts & Bolts

This donation will be used to purchase fasteners and components to make our vehicles lighter. Which will increase overall performance and fuel efficiency.



Support our car with a small donation that will be used in the annual maintenance fees to keep our high performance formula race cars running in tip-top shape.


Gas me up

Fill our car up with 100 octane racing fuel so we can test for competition. We test to determine flaws and to root out problems in our crucial systems. Practice makes perfect and in order to have a winning car we need to have as much drive time as possible.



Help us by buying tooling to manufacture our racecar. We go thru multiple endmills and require stock to create tooling for manufacturing parts!


Buy a tire

Help our team with this donation to enable us to purchase and mount a tire on our car for testing and competition.



Steel is one of the most important materials for our car. The Steel sponsorship brings official sponsorship status on our website and social media posts. Upon completion donors will receive a unique personalized thank you letter signed by every team member and a final photo of our cars and team at competition.


High performance tuning

Tune our engines for peak performance, this engine dyno testing and data acquisition.



Small decal of logo/name on Formula race car, website, and social media posts. Includes all perks below this level.



Medium decal of logo/name on Formula race car, custom team plaque of appreciation, proudly display proof of your generous donation with this custom hangable plaque. Includes all perks below this level



Large decal of logo/name on our Formula race car. Includes all perks below this level


Buy an engine

This Donation allows the team to purchase the heart and soul of the internal combustion car. A 600cc 4-cylinder Honda CBR600RR screaming up to 16,000rpm.



Extra large decal of logo/name on Formula race car, team meet and greet with demonstration of complete Formula race car as well as a one on one immersive in depth car experience. This offer is only available to individuals and/or companies in the Southern California region

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