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The Prophet

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The Prophet Pilot Thesis

This is a story where religion and technology collide in a fight for power at the hands of their imperfect servants. 

The Prophet is a dark, cyber-punk sci-fi series set in East LA at a time when sex-worker robots are legal, AI personalities outnumber the human population, and Catholicism is tightly held by a decreasing niche of followers. 

LOGLINE: A celibate Catholic priest and a brutal tech CEO, once former lovers, both find themselves on opposite sides of a religiously Fundamentalist rebellion against ungodly technology—a rebellion they both created.


In the pilot, our Catholic priest and main character, Diego Orozco, is leading a rehabilitation group of criminals with a charismatic religious AI at the helm. When it requests of its loyal followers that it be given a body, it asks for the body of a sex-worker robot cloned after its original inventor—the brutal tech CEO Angela Espinosa.

Meanwhile, Angela Espinosa’s company, Amigo—which creates custom AI personalities for users to interact with—is failing and surrounded by controversy over leaked documents, revealing that her company’s AI personalities are subliminally advertising and influencing users to the highest bidder, against their consent. On Angela’s drive to the office, a small protest lines the street. The board threatens to vote her off as CEO. She founded this company; she needs to save it before it’s taken away from her. 

Angela explains to the board her last resort: to merge Amigo and it’s AI personalities with the Taiwanese tech company, Life-Size, which creates the human-like sex-worker robots. 

The climax of our pilot follows Diego and a hand-picked crew of the group’s most devoted members as they perform a heist to steal the clone of Angela Espinosa from a legal brothel owned by Life-Size.

Then, we return to where the episode started. 

The Prophet stands in front of the crowd attending its birth and denounces the ungodly, indulgent technology of its time. Her voice booms from the speakers. The Prophet believes that all technology should only work to spread the word of God and help us align our behavior with its own. It calls for a protest to take place the next day against its alternate self. 

And the next day, on Angela Espinosa’s drive to the office, a larger protest lines the street. They’re more aggressive and louder. They hold crosses and signs denouncing the sins of her company. But she sees something—among the protestors is someone familiar. A priest, his face is familiar. Then, she sees someone standing next to him. Someone even more familiar; making direct eye contact with her as she drives through: herself.

We need you to help us reach our goal of $20,000 in order for us to get locations, feed our crew/cast, rent out equipment, and get other things in order to make this project come to life.

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