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The EERI student chapter focuses on developing technical skills through a hands-on structural seismic design competition where university students are challenged to design and construct model structures to withstand simulated seismic forces. Structures are subjected to realistic earthquake simulations on a shake table, which replicates the ground motions experienced during an earthquake. Judges evaluate the teams' designs based on criteria like structural integrity, performance under seismic conditions, cost-effectiveness, and architectural creativity. Students develop leadership and interpersonal skills while gaining practical experience within earthquake engineering fields

Our competition will be held in Seattle, WA from April 9th-12th 2024. The competition not only fosters hands-on learning and practical experience but also provides a platform for students to network with professionals in the earthquake engineering field, helping them develop valuable skills and connections for their future careers. Our student chapter focuses on helping students develop leadership and interpersonal skills while gaining practical experience within earthquake engineering fields. 

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A heartfelt thank you for your generous contribution to our team. Words are not enough to express our gratitude for helping us pursue our passion for seismic design and engineering excellence. Your contribution to advancing our team's goals not only provides us with the financial means to participate in the competition and acquire the necessary materials but, also inspires and motivates our team to strive for excellence in our hard work. Your support empowers us to explore new ideas, enhance our skills, and contribute to the broader community by promoting awareness and understanding of seismic design principles. We want you to know that your investment in the EERI Seismic Design Team is making a real difference. As we embark on our exciting project, we carry your belief in our abilities with us. Your generosity has a lasting impact, and we are committed to using these resources wisely and efficiently to achieve our goals.

Once again, thank you for your invaluable support. We are genuinely grateful for your partnership in our journey. If you ever have questions or want updates on our progress, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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