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I'm Doing Fine - CTVA Film Production Thesis Short Film

Our Story:

I'm Doing Fine follows a home aide in his 50's forced to face his own mortality, the passing of his closest confidant, and losing the keys to his apartment all in the span of one day.

Our Goals:

We're striving to raise $30,000 to fully fund the production of our project. As passionate filmmakers representing the CSUN Film Production Program, we are devoted to maximizing the exposure of both our school and this film. Your support is crucial in achieving this goal!

Where are your funds being allocated?

Every donation will contribute directly to the following essential aspects:

- Securing Locations (including permits, insurance, parking, transportation, etc.)

- Managing Casting Needs (hiring a casting director and our actors)

- Acquiring Equipment Rentals (covering camera gear, lighting, grip & electric, audio, etc.)

- Providing Food (includes catering, crafty, etc.)

- Wardrobe and Set Dressing (includes props, clothing, production design, etc.)

- Post-Production (includes editing, coloring, sound, music etc.)

- And a whole lot more...

Introducing Our Crew!

Aleks Arsin - Director

Aleks' path in the film industry has been a journey of discovery and passion. Originally from Austria, his career began as a radio host, eventually leading to a significant role in the production of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. This experience propelled him to the United States, where he pursued and completed a degree in musical theater at Montgomery College, Maryland. It was in his final class, a directing course, that he realized that being behind the camera is much more rewarding than being in front of it. This realization was a turning point, helping him see his potential in directing and producing over acting. He moved to Los Angeles to further his studies at CSUN, specializing in producing. Aleks' current focus is on creating impactful investigative documentaries and movies, aiming to use film as a powerful medium for storytelling and societal change. His philosophy centers around the idea that film should not only entertain but also educate, holding a mirror to society to provoke thought and inspire change.

Tommy Gorman - Writer

Tommy Gorman is a Los Angeles-based screenwriter and pop culture analyst. At the age of 21, he sold his first feature-length screenplay, "Fastlove", a queer coming-of-age dramedy currently in development. Growing up with films like "Moonstruck", "To Die For", and "Peggy Sue Got Married" inspired Tommy to write scripts that are both colorfully-worded and character-driven, funny and heartbreaking, and, above all, emotionally honest.

Joseph Mejia-Chamul - Producer

Joseph Mejia-Chamul is a Latino-American filmmaker who aspires to work as a director and producer. He was born and raised in Los Angeles where film surrounded him his entire life. From the movies his mom would buy him as a kid, to the short films he made on his middle school iPad, Joseph has always been interested in filmmaking and its process. He is currently majoring in Film Production with an emphasis in producing. His dream is to one day run a production company and produce films that will shed light on the experiences of Latin Americans. During Joseph’s time at CSUN, he has worked on multiple projects as a producer, 1st AD, and director. Most notably, he produced the CTVA 355 short Just Another Alien and directed/produced his short film Reminiscence.

Tony Rattanasack - Producer

Tony Rattanasack is a senior at CSUN majoring in Film Production with an emphasis in producing. Born in the bay area and raised in the central valley, Tony moved to southern California to pursue his dreams of filmmaking as an aspiring producer and assistant director. Coming from a theatrical background, Tony also has interest in acting.

Antonio Rojas - Producer

Antonio Rojas has worked as a PA on Food Network’s “Guy’s Grocery Games”, interned for the “Sacramento Film Festival” and is now a Video Specialist for the FOX Sports Digital Screening Team. All of these positions have allowed him to grow as an individual, a team player, and a creative. Like these opportunities Antonio has had, and the many student productions he’s been on, he looks forward to incorporating his talents and workflow to this heartfelt thesis film as a Producer.

Matthew Kadach - Associate Producer

Matthew X Kadach is a Writer, Director, and Producer aspiring to write and direct in both film and television, eventually opening a production company. Graduating at CSUN in Spring of 2024, he is interested in working in development, at talent agencies, in distribution, and in other areas of the business.

Lai Na Cheng, Nida - 1st Assistant Director

Lai Na Cheng is a CSUN film major student with an emphasis in sound. She immigrated from Hong Kong and has spent over 5 years studying film in Los Angeles, California. To her, being a filmmaker is what she had dreamed of, and it is a blessing that she is able to study filmmaking and make movies in the United States. Lai Na has worked for several out-of-school short films such as "Cry Later," "He Ain't Up," "The Work Group," "It's Not About You," and "All Hail The Charlatan." She also wrote and directed her own stories, "Addie's In The Wonderland," "Little Things," and other student films such as "What We Would Give" and "Your Promise." With the experience she had, she thinks filmmaking is full of challenges, but she believes that with hard work and efforts, films can be well-made.

Justin Jones - Director of Photography

As a dedicated student in the cinematography track at CSUN, he brings a unique blend of life experiences to his role as a burgeoning director of photography. Born in Kansas City, Kansas, his journey into the world of filmmaking took a distinctive path. Prior to pursuing his passion for cinematography, he spent over a decade as a restaurant manager, honing his leadership and management skills. This chapter of his life was followed by a six-year commitment in the Air Force, where he served as a mental health technician. Working closely with individuals in need of mental health treatment not only deepened his understanding of human emotions but also equipped him with a heightened ability to empathize—a quality that enhances his storytelling capabilities. Relocating to Santa Clarita marked the beginning of his dedicated pursuit of a filmmaking career. Drawing from his diverse background, he is committed to leveraging the leadership and management skills cultivated over the past couple of decades to excel in the art of cinematography. Each step in his journey has contributed to a multifaceted skill set that he is passionate about bringing to the world of filmmaking, creating meaningful and impactful visuals that resonate with audiences.

London Prince - Camera Operator

Loving every facet of filmmaking, London Prince is a dedicated Film Production major specializing in Cinematography. Over the past year, she has immersed herself in the craft, demonstrating her DP and camera operator skills through various projects. From scenes and skits to web series, music videos, and short films, each endeavor added layers of knowledge to her blossoming expertise. London's eagerness to learn and meticulous attention to detail at every stage of production has become consistently more evident throughout the year. She eagerly looks forward to contributing her skills to this project and working with her peers to bring this compelling story to fruition.

Gustavo Garcia - 1st Assistant Camera

Gustavo Palafox is a Mexican-American filmmaker from the border cities of San Diego, California, and Tijuana, Mexico. His upbringing in this unique frontier environment provided him with a deep understanding of the contrasts between the two societies, inspiring him to explore their disparities. Throughout his youth, he faced challenges in finding his niche, but he eventually discovered that his creativity first took shape in his mind rather than in the physical world. This realization led him to photography, which started as a hobby and eventually became his passion. He sees film as a medium that transcends verbal communication, allowing him to make others experience what cannot be expressed through words alone. His work, which aims to give a voice to those marginalized by society, is both beautiful and powerful. This dedication to his craft has earned him the Carson Schreiber Scholarship and the Mary and Jack Bayramian Internship Program at the Soraya. Currently, he is a senior film student majoring in Cinematography at California State University, Northridge (CSUN). His enthusiasm for film and photography has been a lifelong pursuit. Working alongside talented individuals, he has honed both technical and interpersonal skills, which he brings to every project. CSUN has provided him with the educational foundation to undertake significant projects, and he is confident this latest endeavor will be no exception. Gustavo is thrilled to have been chosen by Aleks to assist in the production of his goals.

Yorick Moran - 2nd Assistant Camera

Yorick Moran is a first-generation college student who moved from the Bay Area to pursue his dreams of becoming a filmmaker. He is a film production major, emphasizing cinematography, and plans to graduate in the spring of 2025. Yorick's favorite part about filmmaking is the collaborative process. It's exciting to see everyone come together for one vision, to come in with their skills and talents and apply them to make movie magic. Yorick has worked on numerous projects both in and outside of CSUN. He's written and directed his own short film, "Expectation," winning numerous awards for screenwriting and performance. He was a director of photography for a few episodes of a web series called "Dreamlogs" and for a CSUN film production currently in post-production, "Just Another Alien." He's gaff/grip for various short films at CSUN, AFI, NYU, USC, and UCLA. Yorick enjoys filmmaking because of how you can tell stories visually and how it can impact an audience. He wants to write and direct films that emotionally move the audience and inspire them to grow and improve as a person.

Dillon Leslie - Production Designer

Dillon Leslie is a college student at CSUN whose love for storytelling has pushed him along the path of filmmaking. He has spent the last few years as a Producing emphasis in the CSUN Film Program. Dillon has had hands in many departments as he’s Gripped, edited and produced his way through films at CSUN, USC and Chapman. His love for creative expression eventually led him to fall in love with Production Design and Costuming.

Elisa Agello - Set Dresser

Elisa Agello is eager to bring this story to life and is excited about collaborating with the crew. As the set dresser for this short film, she's particularly looking forward to working closely with the production designer, Dillion Leslie, to create the characters' world through their surroundings. Elisa feels a personal connection to the story's elements and is thrilled that production begins in early April.

David Angulo - Editor

David Angulo has been doing filmmaking since he was in high school. His great passion for editing has motivated him to pursue a lifelong career in special effects editing. In high school, David had the opportunity to participate in different film competitions, and eventually won the regional and national student Emmy award. David is eager to participate in this film, and be apart of a piece like no other! 

Jose Mendez - EditorComing from a low-income family in south Los Angeles, Jose Mendez has dedicated his passion to film as an editor. The idea of creating and constructing a story through images helps elaborate more about the individual and demonstrates how creative anyone can be as an editor. He believes that demonstrating the value of hard work and determination is another aspect people look for in the film industry. After graduating from community college, he landed jobs as a videographer, photographer, and editor. As time went on, there came a point where he realized that he needed to focus more on one field of interest if he was able to perform at the highest level. He decided to focus more on becoming an editor, a field he feels most comfortable in. Editing was the reason he chose to pursue a career in the film industry, and now he continues to demonstrate to others how well he can perform an edit that will satisfy clients, directors, and others who are looking for a creative editor. This thesis will be another challenge to endure and show to him and others that this film project will reward everyone participating with hard work.

Michael Caspi - Sound Mixer/Boom Operator

Michael Caspi is a filmmaker/videographer from the countryside town of Oregon House, California. With a background in piano playing from a young age, he is no stranger to sound. Throughout middle school, his artistic journey evolved through creating iMovie skits on his iPod, acting in Shakespeare, and buying a camera drone, which, through an 8th-grade project titled aerial cinematography, enabled him to enter the commercial world of film. In a high school English class, he realized the deeper narrative potential that cinema has to offer. During this time, he also began studying the art of Nonviolent Communication. Together through its technical demand, collaborative emphasis, and spiritual depth, his aspiration to become a filmmaker crystallized―receiving a premiere at New York's 2021 AAHSFF for "In a Sick World" and the 2022 WRHC Open Media Award and publication in New Mexico for "Lost Connections." His belief alleges that great cinema emerges through the single lens of a personal, unified vision―and approaches each production in complete readiness to serve and support that purpose.

Quinn Estrada -  Sound Mixer/Boom Operator

Quinn is a passionate storyteller and hard worker born and raised in Long Beach, California. He is a diligent and organized student, majoring in Film Production with an emphasis in sound and minoring in Asian American Studies. Very early on, Quinn was drawn to the immersion and joy of discovery that came from filmmaking, only enhanced by his time on the sets of student films. As a Sound Recordist, he hopes to create that same sense of immersion by ensuring the overall sound quality of the film. In his spare time, he loves to listen to Japanese music and watch animations, collect figurines of various mediums, and seek out the food of a plethora of genres and cultures, many of which he draws on for creative inspiration.

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