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Have you ever felt so passionate about something that inspired you to make a change? Have you ever looked around your city and wondered how its history will be preserved? Do you have a burning love for your city's history? WAIT! If you find yourself agreeing with these questions, then stick around because our Documentary is exactly what you've been looking for.

"Patricia" invites you into the captivating world of a remarkable woman named Patricia Havens. In this intimate 20-minute documentary, we delve into the extraordinary life and journey of Patricia, a vibrant 94-year-old whose passion for preserving Simi Valley's history has defined her existence for over seven decades.

Through heartfelt interviews, poignant archival footage, and immersive b-roll, this documentary lovingly traces Patricia's narrative from her early days as a dedicated school teacher in Simi Valley. From those humble beginnings, Patricia's unwavering dedication has elevated her to legendary status within the community, earning her a place of honor in the annals of Simi Valley's rich history. Join us as we witness firsthand the indelible mark she has left on the fabric of her beloved hometown.


Donations will go towards

Equipment (Cameras, Lenses, Microphones, Tripods, Hard Drives,)

Transportation Costs (Help ensure our crew has no trouble getting to our film locations)

Food (Working long hard hours gets you hungry, anything to help keep our crew fed)

Permits & Insurance ( Filming at locations can be very costly )

Post Production ( Film Festivals submissions are expensive so help us cover those costs while we take this to the top)


Director - Alexander Dean

Producer - Matthew Collazo-Marquez

DP - Tony Ramos

Sound Production - Eman Fadee

Editor - Kally Hou

Editor - Wendell Antoine

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