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Animation Student League Of Northridge Artist Alley Fund

You may be asking yourself what an artist alley is and we would love nothing more than to answer that for you. Artist Alley is an amazing event where different artists of all types come together to sell physical pieces of their artwork ranging from stickers, buttons, prints, jewelry, prints, charms, clothing and so much more you simply could not believe what amazing pieces of work some of these artist have done to make this event spectacular.  

Artist Alley has been become ASLN's most impactful and anticipated event ever since the very first one was held back in Spring of 22. It had started as a small little event with a very small venue in the art department where we hosted it. It's seen its growth going from a one day event to a three day one using the entire art department as it's space. Now we wish to make this event that started out so small into something that we can't help but feel proud over. We have pushed for artist alley to be held in the Library quad area. 

We at ASLN strive to give our animation students the very best and this event is no exception. We wish for these artists to be under safe working conditions and the best way to do that is to provide them tabling with appropriate cover from the Valley's harsh weather and heat. It's important that each artist gets the best out of their experience so we are looking to get canopies, seats and tables for this event to shield them from the weather and ensure they have a comfortable enjoyable experience.

As it is however, renting the appropriate materials is very costly for an event as big as this one. So we look to you for your help in donating the funds to make this event as amazing and successful as it could be. Not just for our sake but for the sake of the amazing artists selling their work.

What Your Funds Will Help With

  • Renting Tables
  • Renting Chairs
  • Renting Canopies
  • Delivery Costs 

We here at ASLN thank you for your support and hope you can join us for this amazing event.

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