MataCare Emergency Fund

Donate to support CSUN students facing emergency financial needs.

The resilience of CSUN students has rarely been more evident.

In the best of times, our students overcome more obstacles than most. Nearly 83 percent of all students this past academic year received financial aid. And after the pandemic hit, students reached out to CSUN for more support in extraordinary numbers.

Our MataCare Grant Program, which exists to help students with emergency needs, saw a 400-percent increase in applications this past semester in comparison to an average semester.

After CSUN shifted to virtual instruction in mid-March, the demand for technology under CSUN’s Device Loaner Program was so great that the university rented nearly three times the number of computers it owns for loaner purposes.

Students come to CSUN for opportunity — to realize the same dream that nearly 12,000 just realized when they graduated in May. In order to support the dream of students as they enroll in classes this summer and the fall, we need your help.

Based on the growing numbers, we expect the demand for basic needs, financial relief and technology assistance to grow. Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding and financial aid will not be enough for many students. You can play a part in lifting CSUN students by donating today.

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