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This Is Their Land

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This Is Their Land - A CSUN Senior Thesis Short Film

Hello and welcome to the fundraising campaign for the CSUN Senior Thesis Film, This Is Their Land.


We appreciate your time and support. Read on to learn about our film.



This Is Their Story

The Modoc War of 1872 to 1873 was a conflict that occurred between the people of the Modoc tribe, and the United States army in today’s Northern California and Southern Oregon. For nearly seven months, a small group of Modoc families was able to hold off hundreds of U.S. soldiers from entering their stronghold by using their understanding of the environment of the lava beds, their homeland, to their advantage. 

Our story follows the brave Modoc Civic Leader, Captain Jack as he negotiates for peace in his homeland against the U.S. army, and the choices and sacrifices he is forced to make for the sake of his people. 


Why We Want To Tell Their Story 

Have you ever heard of the Modoc War? 

At the time that the war happened in 1872 and 1873, news about this event was heard around the world, yet today we are left with a widely uninformed American public as to the events that formed this nation's history. 

We want to give this true story an outlet to educate and inform all those who cross its path, and be able to share and give recognition to the courageous people of the Modoc tribe. 

With full transparency, we would like to mention that the Writer and Director of our film, Michael O’Leary, is neither of Modoc nor Indigenous descent. He is a historian who has researched this conflict for the past 8 years and grew up in Northern California, visiting the lava beds throughout his life. 

It is very important to our team to involve and consult with Native Americans and specifically Modoc people throughout the process of the film. We have had the pleasure of meeting with multiple Modoc descendants of the families that fought in the war, who have graciously lent their time to provide notes on the script and their knowledge of this history. We appreciate their continuous involvement in the project. 


What Your Donation Is For

Your contributions make our film possible! The money we earn for this film will be used in all stages of production including:

  • Our Fundraising Process: Hiring artists, making merchandise, shooting promos, etc. 

  • Locations: Acquiring permits, transportation expenses, insurance, park monitors, etc. 

  • Casting: Hiring talent, background, casting director etc. 

  • Camera & Lighting: Equipment rentals, camera, lighting, grip equipment etc. 

  • Sound: Equipment rentals, sound cart, etc. 

  • Art Department: Production design, building sets, props, costuming, hair, makeup, etc. 

  • Post Production: Editing equipment, color correction, distribution, etc. 

  • Catering and Craft Services: Provided to feed our dedicated cast and crew. 

  • COVID Safety: providing adequate PPE for all personnel on set, proper sanitizing and disinfecting equipment, masks, face shields, COVID testing and a COVID safety officer. 

Contributions to This Is Their Land are 100% Tax Deducible. CSUN is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization. 


How We Plan On Being Safe

We are dedicated to maintaining a COVID safe set and maintaining the health of our cast and crew is our top priority. We will be following the industry safety guidelines released by SAG-AFTRA and the CDC as well as be providing all equipment and resources to assure the highest level of safety and comfort for our cast and crew. 


Other Ways To Show Your Support 

We recognize that creating art during a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, and ongoing racial injustices is a tremendous privilege. 

Through these incredibly challenging times, we completely understand if you are unable to donate. However, there are other ways you can help!  Spread the word by sharing our Donation Website and Social Media Pages. Follow our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and feel free to share the links and spread the word on your various zoom calls with friends and family! 

Instagram: @thisistheirlandfilm

Facebook: @TheirLandFilm

Twitter: @TheirLandFilm


This Is Our Crew 

• Zach Yetman, Director of Photography • Annie Hall, Production Designer • Monica Chavez, Costume Design • Chris Aguas and JingYi Goh, Editors • Jules Hooper, 1st Assistant Director • Kate Whitham, 2nd Assistant Director • Juan Pablo Cuellar, Production Sound • Erica Smith, Post Sound • Ryan Silber, Gaffer • Charisma Garcia, Script Supervisor • Theo Boccara, Madelyn Paley, Román Zaragoza, Producers • Michael O'leary, Writer/Director • 


Thank You So Much For Your Support 

We appreciate your interest in our project and look forward to sharing it with you! 

If you have any questions or comments related to our project, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our producers personally. 




Theo Boccara 

Madelyn Paley

Román Zaragoza 

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