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Folsom - A CSUN Senior Thesis Short Film

Welcome to the fundraising campaign for the CSUN Senior Thesis Film, Folsom!

The Story

In Folsom, we journey alongside a young man overcoming his past and growing as an individual in the face of adversity and heartbreak. Music is his crutch, his coping mechanism, and his source of ambition, that is piloting him through the valley of desperation and towards a trophy of success when emerging from it. 

Jazz music serves as the foundation of this story, as music serves to communicate messages that words often cannot relay. In this story, music is the vehicle that drives one to empathize with their emotions and understand themselves deeper.

What Your Donation is For

This film would not be possible without your donations! The money you contribute to this film will be used in all stages of productions including:

  • Locations: acquiring permits, insurance, transportation, and lodging, etc.
  • Casting: hiring cast, background, casting director, etc.
  • Camera & Lighting: rentals for a camera package, lighting gear, grip equipment, etc.
  • Sound: rentals for sound equipment, sync rights to music, sound cart, etc.
  • Art Department: production design, set decoration, props, music instruments, wardrobe, hair and makeup, etc.
  • Post Production: editing equipment, color correction, distribution, etc.
  • Catering and Craft Services: provided to feed our dedicated and hardworking cast and crew on set
  • COVID Safety: PPE for all personnel on set, proper sanitizing and disinfecting equipment, masks, face shields, COVID testing, a Covid Compliance Officer, etc.

Contributions to Folsom are 100% Tax Deductible. The California State University, Northridge Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) public benefit California corporation.

Our Challenges

The most ambitious and daunting challenge our production faces is our intention to shoot this film in Northern California– where this story originally takes place. This will require the production to lodge and feed cast and crew during the production.

The script demands the presence of a full jazz ensemble and an entire audience. Taking command of a 17-piece jazz ensemble alongside a large crowd requires our production to delegate groups of people to key personnel, provide the proper amount of PPE and sanitation to keep this large group safe, and demands a lot of coordination in pre-production and during production. 

How We Plan On Being Safe

COVID-19 Safety is our utmost priority on this set and takes precedence over all else. Because of the amount of persons needed to successfully execute this undertaking, we must provide proper and ample amounts of PPE such as masks and face shields, allow access to COVID-19 Rapid Testing, adequate sanitization and disinfecting equipment, and a COVID Safety Officer. We  will be strictly adhering to the industry’s safety guidelines as released by SAG-AFTRA and the CDC.

Other Ways to Show Your Support

We appreciate you taking the time to peruse our project! We understand that financial donations may not be feasible for everyone! There are other ways that you can help us with our mission in creating this film! We would love to have you follow and share our Donation Website and Social Media with your friends and family! 

Instagram: @folsomshortfilm


The Folsom Crew

Marlonino Banut – Director, Urvashi Bhasin – Producer, Francisco Simplicio – Producer, Dorothy Perillo-Dutton – Associate Producer, Colin Kirkpatrick – Associate Producer, Shane Mayer – 1st Assistant Director, Alex Alarcon – 2nd Assistant Director, Masaya Hirose – Director of Photography, Thomas Cluck – Post Sound, Sophia Ohannessian – Production Design Head, Joey Koenig – Art Direction, Melina Estrada – Editor, Hunter Colwell – Editor

Thank You For Your Support

We would like to thank you for your interest in our project and taking the time to look through our fundraising page! We look forward to sharing this filmmaking journey and the final product with you!

If you have any questions or comments regarding our project, please reach out to one of our producers personally. 

Urvashi Bhasin, Producer

Francisco Simplicio, Producer 

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Executive Producer Credit

For this tier, your credit will be upgraded to "Executive Producer" at the end of the film! Welcome to the Folsom Team! We cannot thank you enough for all of your support in our filmmaking endeavors! (Includes all previous levels)

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