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Ruby's Dad

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Ruby's Dad - A CSUN Senior Thesis Film

Welcome to the fundraising campaign for the CSUN Senior Thesis Film, "Ruby's Dad"!

What is "Ruby's Dad" about?

“Ruby’s Dad” tells the story of Stanley who is desperately trying to hunt down the autograph of his dad’s favorite baseball player while bringing along his own daughter Ruby, hoping to increase his chances of success. However, Stanley’s stubbornness and disregard of his role as a father bristles with obstacles and leads to a disaster, risking Ruby’s life. The story, sprinkled with humorous and heartwarming moments, talks about how the love between a parent and their child is and should be unconditional.

What will my donation be used for?

Our budget is spread across the many departments of the production. While each crew member is contributing, we are hoping to increase the budget for each of those departments with the help of your contribution, in order to operate at the professional level the rest of the industry is operating at.

We also want to mention that contributions to "Ruby's Dad" are 100% deductible, since CSUN is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization!

  • Camera & Lighting: Camera package rental, lens kit rental, grip truck/equipment, video village, etc.
  • Sound: Equipment rentals, composing, etc.
  • Art Department: production design, set dressing, props, wardrobe, hair/makeup, etc.
  • Post Production: Hard drives, color grading/correction, transcoding, audio layback, DCP manufacturing, etc.
  • Locations: Permits, insurance, transportation, liaison fee, etc.
  • Catering and Craft Services: Meals, snacks, drinks, etc.
  • COVID-19 Safety: PPE for crew and cast, sanitizing/disinfecting equipment, masks, face shields, COVID-19 testing, Covid Compliance Officer, etc.
  • Casting: casting director, background, etc.

As an example, what could the tier I'm choosing pay for?

  • $10: Meal for crew member/actor.
  • $50: Walkie Talkie rentals for a day.
  • $120: Hard drive.
  • $250: Day rate for studio teacher.
  • $500: Day rate for Steadicam operator.
  • $750: Liaison fee for shooting a day on campus.
  • $1000: Lens kit rental.

What are some of the challenges the production is facing?

One of the biggest challenges we are going to face is shooting with minors on set. On the one hand that not only means that we have to come up with a precise shooting schedule to comply with all the labor laws and SAG-AFTRA rules around minors, but we will also have to hire a studio teacher for each day of the shoot. Another major challenge we are looking at are locations. Since the story takes place at a hotel, we have to either shoot at an actual hotel or a location that can easily be turned into a set that looks like a hotel. Either way, such locations are pricey. While we are planning on shooting everything that doesn't necessarily need to be shot at a hotel location elswhere, we won't get around shooting at least one day at such a location. In terms of other locations, we will also have to build a dumbwaiter set for safety and do-ability reasons and dress up another a set to look like an 70s style living room. Building and dressing up sets can be a complex process and isn't just time consuming, but it also requires expertise and additional hands.

How do we stay safe during these unprecedented times?

Despite the fact that more and more people are getting vaccinated and the number of COVID-19 cases are dropping, safety is our #1 priority. We will be following the local as well as the industry guidelines regarding COVID-19 safety on the set. What the situation will exactly look like once we are shooting is difficult to tell at this point, but we are expecting to be incorporating the following measures during our shoot:

  • Everyone except actors in front of camera will be wearing masks.
  • Sanitation of equipment.
  • Rapid testing of crew and cast before coming on set.
  • COVID-19 Compliance Officer (COC) on set.
  • Individually packed meals and snacks.

In what other ways can I support the production?

Besides our fundraiser, we are also happy to announce the launch of our merchandise website. So if you would like to show off your support with a "Ruby's Dad" shirt or such, follow the link bellow!

Ruby's Dad Merchandise

We do understand that not everyone has the capability to support our senior thesis film with a donation. However, we are also extremely grateful for everyone who is spreading the word about our fundraiser and is sharing our social media accounts! To share our fundraiser directly, you can scroll back up to the top of this page and either click the social media logo you would like to share our fundraiser on or get a sharable link that can be copy pasted into emails or text messages. The links below will take you to each of our social media platforms.

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | TikTok


In the name of all crew members, we would like to thank you and share our gratitude for your support. We are extremely excited to get "Ruby's Dad" up on the big screen and without your support, that wouldn't be possible.

David Tschan - Director | Samuel McIntosh - Writer | Joshua Zollo - Producer | Quinn Avallon - Producer | Tom Caner - Producer | Francisco Simplicio - 1st AD | Miranda Puatu - 2nd AD | Riyan Christiady - Script Supervisor | Alexander Alarcon - Director of Photography | Shawn Cain - 1st AC | Mykhailo Karpenko - 2nd AC | Kandi Wu - Editor | William Kwon - Editor | Brett Poldrugo - Production Sound | Cristine Ramos - Production Sound | Shania Gez - Production Design/Art Direction | Allison Loewe - Production Design/Art Direction | Marlonino | Banut - Gaffer | Ash Bhasin - Grip | Hunter Colwell - Behind the Scenes

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our producers.

Choose a giving level


Social Media Shoutout

For this Tier, we will thank you personally on all our social media platforms (FB, IG, Twitter and TikTok) for supporting our project!


BTS Library Access

For this tier, you will receive full access to our online library containing all behind the scenes photos! (Includes previous tiers)


Crew Photo & Thank You Message

For this Tier, we will mail you a printed crew photo with a personalized message thanking you for your donation! (Includes previous tiers)


Virtual Q&A with Crew

For this tier, we will invite you to a virtual Q&A event after we wrap production! (Includes previous tiers)


Virtual Premiere Seat

For this tier, we will invite to the virtual premiere of "Ruby's Dad" and you will be among the first people to watch the finished project! (Includes previous tiers)


Special Thanks Credit

For this Tier, your name will be perpetuated in our film and you will be able to read your name in the end credits. (Includes previous tiers)


Executive Producer

For this generous donation, you will become part of the team and will receive updates on the current status of the project. Your name will also be listed as Executive Producer in the credits at the end of the film to show our deepest gratitude for your support. (Includes previous tiers)

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